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CAP Life Skills is a friendly group that gives people the confidence
and decision making skills they need to survive life on a low income.




It's an exciting new initiative starting Thursday, 20th October 2016.

So, what is CAP Life Skills?

Christians Against Poverty have developed a course to be offered through CAP churches, aimed at helping people to discover the life skills they need to survive on a low income. Money impacts all areas of our lives - what we can and cannot afford; our relationships; what we eat; our health and wellbeing.

CAP Life Skills is a friendly group where you'll gain practical skills and discover new ways to live for a brighter future. It teaches practical money-saving techniques, such as cooking on a budget, living healthily on less and making your money go further.

We run Thursdays, 12pm - 2pm, here at CCF.

To learn more about Life Skills and/or to book into the group, please call Jill Jackson on 07964 786521 or Paul Jackson/our church office  on 01772 461454.





CAP - Job Club

   A FREE club for job seekers helping you step by step into employment.

   Morning Community Drop-In:

     Friday 10.00am to 12.30pm @ CCF, Ward St, Lostock Hall (check the Events Diary on our homepage for dates)

     Thursday 10.00am to 12.30pm @ Penwortham Community Centre, Kingsfold

     Plus a Friday morning "Steps to Employment Course", starting  23rd September. (Please 'phone in or email your interest for this course and to check that this date is still current.)

  At these morning community drop-ins you can expect: job coaching, careers advice, job search and access to IT and the internet.  In addition you'll get a friendly welcome, plus a brew and a biscuit. The 6 week "Steps to Employment" course      covers interview skills, CV preparation, information on training and volunteering and links with other organisations.

This is what one of our members, Ian, said about how Job Club helped them:

“It was helpful to be in a relaxed environment without having pressure put on you to find a job quickly. The job club manager and volunteers were very helpful and doing the Steps to Employment course was also very good. .You are allowed to go at your own pace which helps build up your confidence and self-esteem. Being with others in similar situations is good as talking to others who are friendly is invaluable.”

Ian was with Job Club for 4 months before he found full time paid employment.

For more information call 01772461454, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit


Job Club is funded and promoted by South Ribble Partnership




CAP Money Course

The details of our next course are:


Date: next dates to be confirmed.
Time: to be confirmed.

Venue: Calvary Christian Fellowship, Ward Street, Lostock Hall, PR5 5HR

Cost: FREE

To book your place:

Register online at:
Or call our church office on 01772 461454

CAP Money is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash based money management system that really works. This course has universal appeal and will help you get more in control of your finances.

CAP Money is a short course featuring weekly DVD presentations from John Kirkby, the founder and international director of Christians Against Poverty. Each course delegate receives a free work book to help you control your spending and produce a realistic weekly budget. A trained CAP Money Coach will run the course and is on hand to help with any questions you may have.

To take a look at the work of Christians Against Povery click here .

CAP Client Quotes

Here's a quote from a family we visited in March 2013:

"Thank you so much for yesterday, feeling very full today, seems very strange having lots of food in the cupboard."

Often we're finding that clients have no food in the cupboards or fridge. As well as providing debt help and giving clients a workable, sustainable budget, we assist some of our clients with food parcels or an emergency shop.

Here's a quote from a mum of three who's working with our centre:

"Our marriage was near breakdown as we were always arguing. I felt sad and lonely; like no-one could help us. Since CAP got involved it has felt like a relief off our shoulders. Our marriage is better as we don't argue as much. I feel happier."

Debt can impact our relationships and our families. Often our clients will say they feel much happier as they know the debt is being dealt with.

Our Debt Centre Manager is Jill Jackson.

Here's what Jill has to say about the work:

jilljackson"I have been centre mananger since October 2008. In that time I have met countless people and it has been great seeing the weight lifted from people's shoulders as they realise there is a solution to their debt problem. I love hearing that clients have gone debt free. It is such a privilege to work with people to enable them to pay off their debts. I wouldn't want to do anything else with my time."
Jill Jackson



CAP - Debt help at CCF

cap-debthelpIf you're struggling with debt we can help

Phone the FREE helpline 0800 328 0006 and book an appointment with our centre.




How can our Debt Centre help you?

The centre offers a face to face free service where you can be seen in your own home by our Centre Manager, Jill Jackson. You get chance to talk through your difficulties with people who understand how quickly the affects of low income, joblessness, relationship breakdown or illness can cause chaos with your finances and how frightening it can seem. CAP then gets to work negotiating with your creditors to stop interest payments and charges whilst helping you to budget and stick to a repayment plan or explore insolvency options.

If you need that sort of help then just call 0800 328 0006 and make an appointment. Click here to read about our Debt Drop in. Click here to see what some of our clients say about the service Click here to learn more about our Money Management course.


About the Debt Help Centre

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) are a multi award debt counselling charity determined to reduce poverty and debt in the UK. Calvary Christian Fellowship is your local debt help centre and is focussed on helping the people of South Ribble. The debt advice centre has been operating since October 2008 but the increasing problem of debt means there are more and more clients. Our Centre Manager is Jill Jackson.

Thanks go to South Ribble Partnership and Farington Parish Council who are part funding this new debt advisor post.






If you want to know more about the work of Christians Against Povery click here .

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