CAP Client Quotes

Here's a quote from a family we visited in March 2013:

"Thank you so much for yesterday, feeling very full today, seems very strange having lots of food in the cupboard."

Often we're finding that clients have no food in the cupboards or fridge. As well as providing debt help and giving clients a workable, sustainable budget, we assist some of our clients with food parcels or an emergency shop.

Here's a quote from a mum of three who's working with our centre:

"Our marriage was near breakdown as we were always arguing. I felt sad and lonely; like no-one could help us. Since CAP got involved it has felt like a relief off our shoulders. Our marriage is better as we don't argue as much. I feel happier."

Debt can impact our relationships and our families. Often our clients will say they feel much happier as they know the debt is being dealt with.

Our Debt Centre Manager is Jill Jackson.

Here's what Jill has to say about the work:

jilljackson"I have been centre mananger since October 2008. In that time I have met countless people and it has been great seeing the weight lifted from people's shoulders as they realise there is a solution to their debt problem. I love hearing that clients have gone debt free. It is such a privilege to work with people to enable them to pay off their debts. I wouldn't want to do anything else with my time."
Jill Jackson