Paul and Miriam both have a background in education, supporting pupils at different stages of their learning life.

In church, Miriam leads our Splat - Messy Church community and Paul is one of the leaders of our music team. Paul and Miriam are artistic, creative and musical playing a range of instruments. Paul also regularly writes a blog which you can read here.

Paul and Miriam have been married for over 20 years, have two boys and so maybe don't look exactly like their picture.

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From May to July we're taking a break from John to hear from James, the brother of Jesus, who made it plain that belief and faith is evidenced in how we live our lives. Good deeds matter. How we speak and act is really important. That's what this is all about. Living faith.

Over the summer period our Sunday morning services will be a little shorter and simpler.

We'll be looking at a couple of stories from John's gospel. First we'll think about Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding and we'll get three different perspectives on this. Then we'll look at Lazarus dying and being brought back to life. So it's a bit like 3 weddings and a funeral.