Jill Jackson was our CAP (Christians against Poverty) Centre Manager from 2009-18, helping people out of debt. She is married to Paul and has three children.

Jacqui Shurr is the founder of Good Rock Foundation, a charity which did great work helping children in China from 1997 - 2017. She is married to Jeff, a local chiropractor, and they also have three children.

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The teaching themes for February to May in 2015 will take us on a journey following the disciples as they lead up to and then watch Jesus’ death and resurrection and then on into the Spirit powered launch of the church. Our overarching theme through that time is described by these three words:

Reflection : Resurrection : Revolution

We're inviting you into a journey of following Jesus that involves reflection, resurrection and revolution in our lives.

We’ll observe, mark and experience the key festivals of Lent, Easter and Pentecost.