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Summ Hol Club 3 2

5 days, 44 children and enough energy to light up Lostock Hall for a year!
That was our Children's Summer Holiday Club at the end of July.

Our theme this time was Moses and Joseph and so the children had heaps of fun building and decorating their own pyramids, camels, burning bushes and lots more crafts. We also got silly with lots of games and dances whilst enjoying our more 'serious', thoughtful slots throughout each day.

Our teams were Moses, Aaron, Jacob and Joseph. Each team built up their points throughout the week in all sorts of ways until Friday afternoon revealed the winners to be Joseph - well done team Joseph!

Our next Holiday Club will be Easter 2016. Look out for more information on our 'What's On - Upcoming Events' calendar. Registration packs should be available by early 2016. For ages 4-11.