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Sunday 8th May saw us host our first 'Eat Well for Less' event. 30 people, a variety of different recipes, umpteen slow cookers and delicious food.

The evening was about "Eating Well for Less". 30 people came together to share recipes and tips on eating well for less. As well as enjoying great food and good company it was an opportunity to sample low cost slow-cooker recipes.

The event was run in partnership with our CAP Debt Centre and CAP Job Club. It's part of an ethos of learning key life-skills together - today was about making really good, healthy food on a very tight budget. Our best value meal was "Moroccan Squash Stew" which served 6 people for a total cost of £3.50 - less than 60p per person. There was a host of other delicious dishes all available in our slow-cooker "Eat well for Less" recipe book.

The aim was to equip people to "Eat Well for Less" so as well as taking away left-overs, people were given a free slow-cooker, our home made slow-cooker recipe book and the all important plastic tubs for freezing and storing food.

Download this file (EatWellforLess-Recipes.pdf)EatWellforLess-Recipes.pdf[Slow-Cooker Recipes]3426 kB